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Digital Banking Report (formerly Online Banking Report) - All Access Digital Banking Report (formerly Online Banking Report) - All Access
With a legacy of over 20 years, the Digital Banking Report (DBR) is a leading source of unbiased guidance for bank and credit union product managers, marketers, and C-level executives looking to improve their digital, online and mobile products and services. Published by Jim Marous, a former banker with more than 30 years of banking industry experience, the Digital Banking Report covers the most important digital trends in depth, with strategies and tactics that can be implemented immediately.  >>> more
Latest Digital Banking Report - Issue DBR 248

Latest Digital Banking Report - 2017 Financial Marketing Trends
Published: Apr. 24, 2017: DBR 248
Every financial organization is trying to find ways to become more efficient and more effective in their marketing efforts. This includes investing in new technology to assist in the implementation of marketing strategies as well as trying to leverage internal and external data to improve personalization and overall results.

We are seeing an increased emphasis in marketing techniques that utilize mobile devices, interactive content, website-based selling and brand development. Unfortunately, the financial services industry has continued to lag other industries with the move to digital...>>> more

Issue DBR 247

The Challenger Bank Battlefield
Published: Apr. 17, 2017: DBR 247
While there is a great deal of hype surrounding the potential for digital disruption, challenger banks face significant challenges to growth, with the banking industry trying to determine whether they should ignore, acquire, partner or compete with their new technology- driven competitors.

Challenger banks see the advantages of leveraging with legacy banking’s large and loyal customer bases, whose organizations are experienced with risk and regulations, a broad product set, established trust and the deep financial pockets. Alternatively, most incumbent banking organizations need...>>> more

Issue DBR 246

Improving the Customer Experience in Banking
Published: Feb. 4, 2017: DBR 246
The financial services industry has been significantly impacted by the increasing use of technology from smartphones to wearables. This transformation in methods of transacting has enabled more personalized engagement, allowing customers to use multiple channels simultaneously to engage in seamless, multi-dimensional banking. This has also increased both the potential and complexity of creating a positive customer experience.

Unfortunately, the objective of delivering a positive customer experience has been secondary to other bank priorities, resulting in a transactional banking...>>> more

Issue DBR 245

2017 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions
Published: Dec. 21, 2016: DBR 245
For the sixth consecutive year, the Digital Banking Report has surveyed a crowdsourced panel of global financial services leaders for their thoughts around upcoming retail banking and credit union trends and predictions. For the first time, we also surveyed the industry, including banks, credit unions and solution providers (suppliers) worldwide.

Beyond looking ahead, our market survey includes an opportunity to review last year’s projections to determine which ended up being the most impactful. We also collected insight into the strategic priorities and fintech players that are...>>> more

Issue DBR 244

The Millennial Mind
Published: Nov. 14, 2016: DBR 244
For the hyper-connected and tech-savvy Millennial segment, banking is more synonymous with mobile banking, P2P payments and digital currencies than it is with the traditional bank branch. With unique needs and different communication channels used, this huge market opportunity is also the most difficult to satisfy.

The majority of Millennials say they don’t think their bank offers anything different than a competing bank. In fact, 71% said they would rather visit the dentist than visit a bank. They are also willing to consider alternative providers such as Google, Amazon, Apple,...>>> more

Issue DBR 243

State of the Digital Customer Journey
Published: Sep. 5, 2016: DBR 243
To meet the needs of the digital consumer, it is more important than ever to provide the tools needed to open accounts, onboard and cross-sell both online and with mobile devices. These digital stages of the customer journey need to be seamless, integrated and multichannel, with the elimination of paper and with the ability to complete processes on all channels.

But, how well are financial institutions doing in digitizing the important stages of the customer journey? And what is the risk of not moving to an improved online and mobile customer experience?

This is the most...>>> more

Issue DBR 242

The Power of Personalization in Banking
Published: Mar. 28, 2016: DBR 242
The goal of most financial institutions is to deliver a personalized digital experience that helps consumers improve how they manage their day-to-day financial lives. By doing so, banks and credit unions can elevate the level of customer engagement, reduce costs, increase cross sales, and drive higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

But how do consumers feel about highly personalized messages and offers? And, how well are financial institutions responding to the potential of delivering on these expectations?

For the first time ever, in conjunction with global...>>> more

Issue DBR 241

2016 State of Financial Marketing
Published: Feb. 22, 2016: DBR 241
Now in its fifth year, the "State of Marketing in Retail Banking" study, fielded by The Financial Brand, sponsored by Deluxe, and analyzed and published by the Digital Banking Report, has found that while bank and credit union marketers know the challenges and opportunities of today's marketplace, there continues to be a product (rather than consumer) focus and the movement to digital communications is occurring at a snail's pace.

Building on a reputation as the leading benchmark for changes in the retail banking industry, the 2016 Financial Marketing Trends Report has found that...>>> more

Issue DBR 239/240

2016 Retail Banking Trends & Predictions
Published: Jan. 14, 2016: DBR 239/240
More than ever before, all of the banking industry's constituencies are being impacted by the transformation of the banking industry. The category that has the most to gain from the changes expected in 2016 will be the consumer. They are not only in the driver's seat with regards to being able to voice their digital banking expectations, but there are more firms than ever trying to meet those expectations.
As banking organization further digitize their offerings, the consumer will benefit. In 2016, we will see end-to-end digital account opening and onboarding solutions, contextual offers,...>>> more

Issue DBR 238

Mobile Wallets
Published: Oct. 29, 2015: DBR 238

Since Apple launched its mobile wallet capabilities alongside the iPhone 6 last year, the mobile wallet has served as a battleground between banks, tech companies such as Google and Samsung and retailers, with each trying to gain and retain customer loyalty. The ability to provide a great user experience is why technology providers have superseded bank offerings that usually focus entirely on the payment functionality. Early indications are that consumers will adopt technology only if it provides value by being seamless, easy to use and contextual.

Moving from physical to mobile...>>> more

Issue DBR 237

Digital Account Opening
Published: Aug. 18, 2015: DBR 237

Where there was once delineation between banking processes that a consumer could do from the comfort of their home or with the convenience of a smartphone and those that were done in a branch office, the use of digital functionality has finally become universal. No place is this more apparent than with the new account opening process, where features such as the camera phone OCR have improved both the mobile and branch account opening experience.

With 70% of likely checking account applicants saying they would prefer to submit a digital application in 2015, it is clear that using digital...>>> more

Issue DBR 236

Customer Service in the Digital Age
Published: Aug. 2, 2015: DBR 236

A customer service revolution is occurring in financial services. It’s dynamic, overarching, and being driven by consumers who are embracing digital and mobile channels as never before. The digital age is changing the way consumers research, shop and buy products and services and how they share their experiences after purchase.

As a result of this transformation, there has never been a time when customer service and the overarching customer experience has been as important as it is today. The rise of digital channels, digital communication, social media, social networks and word-of-mouth...>>> more

Issue DBR 235

Guide to Multichannel Marketing
Published: Jun. 21, 2015: DBR 235

Guide to Multichannel Marketing provides an overview of how banks and credit unions can better integrate digital marketing tools as part of their marketing efforts. With this report, financial marketers will be able to reduce marketing costs while improving overall marketing effectiveness.

Marketers are facing a fragmented media landscape where the sheer number of channels available to the consumer has increased multifold. The banking consumer's greater reliance on digital devices and the arrival of less expensive and more effective digital marketing options has signaled the...>>> more

Issue DBR 233/234

Bricks+Clicks: Building the Digital Branch
Published: Mar. 16, 2015: DBR 233/234

Bricks + Clicks: Building the Digital Branch is the definitive guide to how banks and credit unions worldwide are transforming their distribution network to reflect the realities of a digital marketplace.

As was the case with ATMs decades ago, consumers want the convenience of new technologies, combined with the assurance of a local branch. Despite this affinity for branches, the economics of yesterday’s branch network don’t work. The number of branches as well as the size and function of remaining branches must reflect today’s realities. ...>>> more

Issue DBR 230/231

Strategic Planning Imperative: Capitalizing on Digital's Promise
Published: Dec. 13, 2014: DBR 230/231

Financial institutions around the world are exploring ways to respond to the needs of a changing consumer universe that is more mobile, more digitally adept and more demanding. In an effort to overcome legacy processes and technologies, banks and credit unions are converting to a more digital business model.

Digital banking is more than getting customers to use online or mobile banking or adding on to existing products – it is a way to run an entire organization. This new model touches product development, distribution, front and back-office operations, marketing communication, customer...>>> more

Issue DBR 229

Guide to Multichannel Onboarding in Banking
Published: Aug. 26, 2014: DBR 229

New customer onboarding is one of the most effective sales strategies for banks and credit unions wanting to improve engagement, share of wallet, retention and ultimately the value of a relationship. The onboarding process begins before the new account is even opened and continues for anywhere between 90 and 180 days. By communicating with the customer early and often after they open their account using various media that leverages insight collected at new account opening and thereafter, you are more likely to foster a positive customer experience, differentiating your institution and building...>>> more

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