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8 Trends to Improved Digital Customer Retention
4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Drive Mortgage Lending
The PFM Mystery: How to Quadruple Adoption Rates?
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Digital Banking Report (formerly Online Banking Report) - All Access Digital Banking Report (formerly Online Banking Report) - All Access
With a legacy of over 20 years, the Digital Banking Report (DBR) is a leading source of unbiased guidance for bank and credit union product managers, marketers, and C-level executives looking to improve their digital, online and mobile products and services. Published by Jim Marous, a former banker with more than 30 years of banking industry experience, the Digital Banking Report covers the most important digital trends in depth, with strategies and tactics that can be implemented immediately.  >>> more
Latest Digital Banking Report issue (DBR 235)

Latest Report — Guide to Multichannel Marketing

Guide to Multichannel Marketing provides an overview of how banks and credit unions can better integrate digital marketing tools as part of their marketing efforts. With this report, financial marketers will be able to reduce marketing costs while improving overall marketing effectiveness.

Marketers are facing a fragmented media landscape where the sheer number of channels available to the consumer has increased multifold. The banking consumer’s greater reliance on digital devices and the arrival of less expensive and more effective digital marketing options has signaled the beginning of a shift in power from brand to consumer and is increasing the complexity of the communications process. >>> more

Digital Banking Report issue 233

Bricks + Clicks: Building the Digital Branch

Bricks + Clicks: Building the Digital Branch is the definitive guide to how banks and credit unions worldwide are transforming their distribution network to reflect the realities of a digital marketplace. As was the case with ATMs decades ago, consumers want the convenience of new technologies, combined with the assurance of a local branch. Despite this affinity for branches, the economics of yesterday's branch network don't work. The number of branches as well as the size and function of remaining branches must reflect today's realities.

What is required is a 'bricks + clicks' distribution model, significantly reducing the number of branches and digitizing the back and front office of remaining branches with a mobile-first perspective. Universal bankers need to replace traditional tellers, and remote advisory services need to be supported. >>> more

Issue 232

2015 Digital Banking Trends and Predictions
A Year of Transformation in Financial Services

The 2015 Digital Banking Trends and Predictions report has been collected from a crowdsourced panel of more than 60 global financial services leaders including bankers, credit union executives, industry analysts, advisors, bloggers and fintech followers from the U.S., U.K. and the Asia Pacific region.

This year's list includes advancement on some of the trends we have seen in previous years, with new trends and predictions in the areas of digital delivery, mobile, customer experience, payments, innovation, operations, security and product design. How any institution responds to these trends may differ by organization, but none should be ignored. >>> more

Issue 230/231

Strategic Planning Imperative- Capitalizing on Digital's Promise
Becoming a Digital Bank

Financial institutions around the world are exploring ways to respond to the needs of a changing consumer universe that is more mobile, more digitally adept and more demanding. In an effort to overcome legacy processes and technologies, banks and credit unions are converting to a more digital business model.

Digital banking is more than getting customers to use online or mobile banking or adding on to existing products – it is a way to run an entire organization. This new model touches product development, distribution, front and back-office operations, marketing communication, customer service and much more. >>> more

Issue 229

Guide to Multichannel Onboarding in Banking
You never get a second chance to make a first good impression.

New customer onboarding is one of the most effective sales strategies for banks and credit unions wanting to improve engagement, share of wallet, retention and ultimately the value of a relationship. The onboarding process begins before the new account is even opened and continues for anywhere between 90 and 180 days. By communicating with the customer early and often after they open their account using various media that leverages insight collected at new account opening and thereafter, you are more likely to foster a positive customer experience, differentiating your institution and building long lasting loyalty. >>> more

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