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Paperless Banking & Billing

Cloud computing combined with mobile capture may mark the beginning of the end of paper statements

Jim Bruene

Nov. 26, 2010; OBR 186_187


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Abstract: When I first started writing about online banking in 1995, there were many unknowns. But by the late 1990s, most people were pretty sure of three things:
  • Online would trump the ATM, call center and branch for routine information queries and simple transactions.
  • Email would ensure that users were notified of anything weird going on with their accounts.
  • Bills would be paid electronically and delivered the same way.
All three have mostly come to pass, except for the delivery of the billing statement itself, which has remained stubbornly paper based, despite a decade of trying to coerce consumers to shut it off.

But this is about to change. Find out why, and more importantly what you can do to ride the coming paperless wave.

Finally, we look at two important player in the world of paperless finance: Doxo which has just launched the first Web 2.0-era ebilling service and Mitek, which continues to make the mobile phone a powerful weapon in handling pesky paper checks and bills.
Companies mentioned: Bank of America, Capital One, Chase Bank, Citibank, Citizens Bank, Doxo, Fiserv, Intuit, Key Bank, Mitek, PayItGreen, Wells Fargo, Yodlee
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